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This method is called a shadow test, in which the pupil's reflex to light is checked. This alternative test measures the ratio of the anteroposterior dimension to the refractive power of the eye. Biomicroscopy. It is possible to identify the primary signs of inflammation of the cornea.


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REFERENCE: Quite a popular question among patients - Is it possible to understand what anisometropia is?

It is possible to independently diagnose a pathology in oneself only at difficult stages of development, when the symptoms are clearly expressed.

Treatment and ways of its correction. The effectiveness of treatment depends on its timeliness. The sooner the disease is diagnosed and treatment measures are taken, the better it will be for the patient. Correction of ampicillin acuity by wearing corrective contact lenses. It is necessary to choose lenses from a qualified specialist who is able to assess the nature of the disease and correctly measure the visual acuity of the patient.

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Incorrectly selected corrective agents can cause swelling of the eyes, lead to microtrauma on the cornea and contribute tothe fall of infections. Wearing special telescopic goggles. It is the safest method of correction. The design of the glasses consists of two constituent elements: a divergent and a converging lens. Surgical intervention . It can be laser operations of various types.

It is important to take into account contraindications and possible complications. In the postoperative period, the patient should change his lifestyle - give up strong visual loads when reading, using a computer or TV. ampicillin doctor's prescriptions must be strictly observed in order to avoid possible regression.

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Surgical intervention is prescribed if the effect of vision correction is absent. In this case, laser coagulation of the retina, implantation of lenses into the eye chamber, and the laser operation itself to preserve vision can be performed.

It is quite difficult to prevent the appearance of Ampicillin, since the disease can be congenital. However, some precautions are necessary, especially if there is a risk of the presence of such heredity. 

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Avoid eye strain unless absolutely necessary. When using a computer or reading for a long time, it is necessary to observe a mode of rest and relaxation so that the organs of Ampicillin can rest. Ophthalmologists advise periodically doing gymnastics to relax the eyes and light eyelid massage.

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The development of the angle of view. Hands must be stretched out in front of you, tightly clench your fists, while putting up two index fingers.

The left eye should be directed to the finger of the left hand, and the right eye to the right. The hands are spread apart to the border of the field of view of both fingers, after which the hands begin to move in opposite directions: the left hand to the right, and the right hand to the left.

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Detailed and important information about the disease anisometropia - treatment, diagnosis and symptoms: Modern medicine is able to provide the patient with a variety of diagnostic methods and methods for professional correction of anisometropia. However, it is possible to achieve the desired effect only in complex treatment and an individual approach to each individual case.

Anisometropia is an ophthalmic pathology in which refractive power (refraction) is impaired in both eyes. This is a dangerous disease that has serious complications: strabismus or loss of vision due to inactivity of the eyes.


Often this disease develops along with astigmatism (a visual defect in which the patient sees objects indistinctly due to an irregular shape of the cornea or lens).


How not to lose sight with anisometropia?

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Anisometropia can proceed in different ways:

in one eye normal refractive power, and in the other pathological; in two eyes the same refractive power, but a different degree of visual acuity reduction; both eyes have different pathological refractive power.

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If the difference in the refractive power of the eyes is 2 diopters, then the person may simply not notice the symptoms. But if the difference is more than 2 diopters, then loss of binocular vision is possible. As a result of such complications, the image of the object fixes in turn either the right or the left eye.